this app is soccer,football and futsal tactics board.

This app is a small strategy board of the soccer ball. 
Use this if you think a bit of strategy. 

*********  A good place of this app.   ***************
1.    By moving the slider, you can change the playing time in real time. (Stop-> slow-> fast) 
2.   I can change the 3D and 2D. 
3.   Camera can move freely while working. (corner position or goal flont ...)

****   It's easy to use.    *****

1. Let's move the camera using a joystick. 
2. And repeats that by moving the player, press the [+] button. 
3. Strategy Once you have, let's press the [play] button. 

Display of the line, there is a hidden button. 
Press the help button for more information.


for iphone   Download  Link

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for Android is here review of . please  read me .

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