Training timer pro

Training timer pro

THis is a trainingtimer app. for  all training.

if you want strong and helth,please use  this app.

[how to use]              so simple.
1. move slider for setting.

2. tap start.

[ Training menu.]

Simple timer  ; 1 match timer, and more.
Round timer    :skip rope timer, sparring timer.

voice counter : muscle training voice counter.  

motion counter :motion senser - voice count the numbers.


number system ; combination training.  punch or kick.

slow training.   muscle training slowly.    example(setting-- pull  3 sec, stop 5 sec, push 5 sec. 10set.  interval 10 sec)

Pacepaker:      running  same tempo.

agility up training.       Move quickly sound rang.I do not know when the sound will be. You can set the time slider.

                                howto.  ( you are waiting with footwork. sound.   quickly move. forword or back or sidestep or jump or tackle and more)